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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I hate to be self-indulgent (which is a barefaced lie if ever I heard one), but would someone mind telling me what happened in America on Saturday? I know I've harped on about this before, but the page which (sadly) attracts the most visitors on my main site is my (frankly dated) Jail Babes article. Mainly because the site it refers to is now defunct and a lot of criminal-loving weirdos have been left unfulfilled and searching for sexual satisfaction. Which leads them to my website.

Well the page has become quiet of late, with no more than half a dozen visitors per day. Until Saturday afternoon, that is, when this happened...

77 Up

Now these are UNIQUE visitors, not one lunatic visiting 77 times. And every single one of them came from America, via a search engine. In fact I had 19 hits within the space of ten minutes at around 9am US time. What was it, 'National Do-a-Search-for-Jail-Babes Day'??? Did someone shout "GO!" at 9am, and everyone ran for their PCs???

Even scarier is that it's NOT the first time this has happened. Back on 10th July 2004, that one page had 96 hits in five hours, as this attractively vague graph of the past two years demonstrates...

Graphs R Us

That first blip was when the article was published on the Wasted Network site, but what the heck is going on those other times???

And what's more, the 10th July 2004 was a Saturday too... which is fishy if you ask me... do people get let out of 'certain places' at the weekend or something?

Talking of the criminally insane, just how desperate are some people to get on TV?? Last night Channel 4 screened 'Torture: The Guantanamo Guidebook', described in my TV guide thus:

"Jon Snow follows seven volunteers as they undergo some of the notorious camp's interrogation techniques."

Yep, people are now volunteering to be tortured, just to get on TV.

Sounds like another job for Lisa I'Anson...