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Friday, March 16, 2007

The new issue of The Kemptown Rag is out today (that's not me on the cover), and features an edited version of last Monday's blog post. Well I say 'edited'. I basically just cut out all references to Lisa and pretended I'd gone on my own. It's a bit like being in a boy band - you have to appear clean-cut and 'available' to attract the female fans.

I'm on page six this time, which seems to be headed 'Computer Corner' (they must have known I wrote it on my laptop), but more interesting is that the letters page features an entertaining and informative epistle on local parking regulations from Councillor Warren Morgan, who commented on my blog last Thursday. The man gets about a bit. Anyone would think he was looking for votes.

Anyhoo, I bought The Argus yesterday in yet another misguided attempt to find someone willing to part with minimum wage in return for my services. My favourite advert was for a 'Temporary Smoke-Free Implementation Officer'. I presume they say 'temporary' because if you tell someone to stop smoking, they'll only light up again the moment you leave the room.

But even more appealing than being a Cigarette Nazi was this one...

Into Administration
I'd be no good at the actual job, but I know where I can get one heck of a reference.