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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
Well my bro' set this up for me so I could keep y'all informed of my travels as I embark on my "Visit Every US State Before I Leave the US Tour" 11,000 mile road trip in May. But as Kansas and Nebraska were proving just too difficult to fit in, I figured I'd fly there for the day last Tuesday instead. Despite what everyone has been telling me, I was determined to prove that there really is something worth seeing in both states. And there is. The WIZARD OF OZ MUSEUM is an absolutely fantastic collection of memorabilia, only 1.5 hours from Kansas City in that well known city of Wamega. We're not in Kansas any more.It is well worth the drive and you can make the self-guided tour last at least 15 minutes if you include the optional photo shoot with Toto the dog. You even get to see actual replicas of the red shoes. But what I'm really looking forward to is going there for Oktoberfest when the 20 remaining living munchkins all return to the land of Oz to sign autographs for fans like myself.

And then Nebraska... oh Nebraska... well other than the fact I nearly lost the state as I tried to take a short cut across many corn fields, Falls City, NE is quite a nice place. Albeit a small place. But they serve nice pizza.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, I returned home on Tuesday night to discover that all my sales on Ebay had ended and I am now $350 richer from selling all my old clothes and shoes. That puts the red pea coat to shame.

Feeling the the seller's bug, I figured I'd hold a good old fashioned American garage sale on Friday. I was there at 6am, as I'd been reliably informed that all the Texas housewives will be there desperate to catch a bargain. I'd also been reliably informed that everything would be sold by 10am so I could go back to bed. Well by 10am, I'd had three visitors, one of which was a friend who turned up to ask me when I could meet her for lunch. Admittedly things picked up a little and at one point I believe there were five people perusing my wares. In fact I got so disorientated by the crowds that I didn't notice one woman walk off wearing my Nike hiking boots without paying for them. I'm sticking to Ebay in future.