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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I took this photo as I was walking along the seafront this morning...

Black Smoke
I think they're electing a new Pope in Hove. Although the BBC seem convinced it was more of a flat fire. Not that the bloke eating his sandwiches seems to care.

Anyhoo, when I'm not blazing a trail along the seafront, I'm feeling sufficiently fired-up to set the world alight by applying for another job. I've decided to leave behind the worlds of celebrity journalism, cat-copywriting, fish-fancying and professional Naziism (those are four links to be proud of) and get into drugs instead. The Royal Sussex County Hospital need a 'Rotational Pharmacy Assistant', which is basically a chemist in a spin. I've had a life-long interest in medicine (I've been a hypochondriac for many years), so I've decided to apply. Mainly because the hospital's about a hundred yards from my front door, so it's a commute I could cope with, and I won't have far to go when I'm sacked.


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