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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yes, with a bit of prudent clipping, you too can have a cat which measures just nine inches across and fits neatly into the palm of your hand.

Mine's nine inches. How big is yours?
I see it as the future of pet ownership for people with small flats.

And you're right, I do have a nice duvet. I chose it to match my cat.

But anyhoo, an air of nationalist pride is currently sweeping Brighton, as the Queen and Prince Philip are in town for the day. I know that because I was at the Jobcentre (sorry, Jobcentre Plus) this morning, and had to wait ten minutes to see someone because the woman who was supposed to be there had apparently "gone to see the Queen".

Anyway, having already endured a performance of the Bicycle Ballet at 11 o'clock this morning (did they learn nothing from my experience?) they're currently having lunch a mile from my flat (the Queen and Prince Philip, not the Queen and the woman from the Jobcentre), then at 2:45pm they're visiting the Whitehawk estate. So by 2:50pm their car will be on bricks and they'll be without their mobile phones.


Phil said...

If that's what Brighton is like, my car won't be coming within a mile of the place.

08 March 2007, 14:12:21

Phil's MumWhat on earth are they doing on the Whitehawk estate - looking for a retirement home?08 March 2007, 16:33:16

 not Phil's cat Perhaps the lady at the Jobcentre Plus is after a job at Buckingham Palace - or perhaps Prince Philip is after a job in Brighton - presumably not on minimum wage rates!, though I see the minimum wage is increasing by a massive 17p per hour - and the government seem very proud of this fact. I wonder what the MPs would say to an increase of 17p?!08 March 2007, 16:49:19

Big Sis That is quite honestly one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Well, it's the cutest picture I've seen of what is basically an ugly, angry cat who hisses for no apparent reason.10 March 2007, 01:15:10

 Big Sis And I can proudly say that with still a day to go, there is a fight on ebay to get their hands on my clothes. Current bid is $66.09 (?)  Not sure this link will work.. but.. March 2007, 01:17:47

 Phil's Mum Do you get the headless monster WITH the clothes? I've always wanted one of those.10 March 2007, 16:50:36

 Councillor Warren Morgan Bit hard on the Whitehawk kids Phil, come up to the new Crew Club (which the Duke was opening) and see for yourself what the majority are like. Of course there are a problem few and we do a lot to tackle them via the Whitehawk Crime Prevention Forum, but crime in Whitehawk is now lower than in Patcham (that's according to the police not me).11 March 2007, 19:02:56

Phil Note to self: Avoid Patcham.12 March 2007, 09:10:10