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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Number One FanshaweFirst there was Jimmy Somerville's trousers.

Then there was Dora Bryan's tapestry.

Followed by Preston's painting.

Now I give you Simon Fanshawe and the case of the missing tenner. I'm beginning to think if I spend enough time in Brighton charity shops, I'll meet the Queen.

But for now I'll have to make do with Simon. Well ok, I haven't actually met him, but I have heard him slagged off in a public place. It's the same thing, but without any autographs. I won't identify the shop for legal reasons, but suffice it to say it was the one around the corner which sounds like Mariah Carey. And I don't mean Leona Lewis.

I was in there yesterday afternoon, pondering whether to buy a jacket I have absolutely no need for, when the manageress announced in a loud voice that Simon Fanshawe had been in, and she'd accidentally overcharged him by £10.

Personally I want to know just how much money Simon was spending on secondhand tat, that he didn't realise they'd overcharged him by ten quid. I think I'd notice if they charged me thirteen quid for a £2.99 t-shirt. But that aside, the manageress then proceeded to inform anyone within a ten metre radius that she was glad she'd overcharged him, because she can't stand the man. She also exclusively revealed that she'd once chased him down the road on a bicycle just to have a go at him about something he'd said on the radio. I'm surprised he didn't remember her.

Fortunately she was amongst friends, so rather than condemning her for slagging off a customer who'd just donated a large amount of money (at least ten pounds more than he intended) to a worthwhile cause, the woman's colleague agreed that Mr Fanshawe is indeed annoying, and probably deserved to be overcharged, while a nearby customer added that he doesn't like him either. At which point the manageress said she wished she'd overcharged him by more than £10.

Obviously the season of goodwill doesn't quite extend to all men.