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Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's Maroon 5!

The Famous Five
Yes, I know we only went to a concert on Tuesday night, but we've been to another one, ok? Like I said, it's only money. And besides, when we booked them both months ago, we didn't realise they were on consecutive days. Frankly I barely knew they were in the same month.

Fortunately this one was at The Brighton Centre, so the fact that we didn't have to travel all the way up to London meant we were only five minutes late for the support band. They turned out to be Dashboard Confessional. Yes, Dashboard Confessional. I admit I'd never heard of them, but I expect my parents have, because two and a half years ago they gave me an album by Hot Rod Circuit which states in the sleeve notes: "Chris Carrabba does the screamy part on 'Unfaithful'".

Chris Carrabba, it turns out, is the lead singer of Dashboard Confessional. It's a small world.

Anyhoo, they may be unknown in this country, but they've released seven albums in the States, reached number two in the charts (twice), gone platinum, and had songs featured in Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2. But personally I preferred the one which Chris said he wrote when he got out of prison.

Sadly I don't have any photos of the 'Fessionals. The Brighton Centre was plastered with new signs saying 'Photography Strictly Prohibited', so I decided not to start snapping away until Maroon 5 came on stage.

MaroonedNeedless to say, Maroon 5 were excellent. I saw them over four years ago in London, supporting Matchbox Twenty, and I like to think it was my word-of-mouth reviews that got them where they are today. I told at least three people how good they were.

Anyway, despite the fact that we were sat next to a couple of teenage girls who squealed like guinea-pigs throughout most of the concert, it was a superb show. Even Lisa said how good it was, and she'd only gone with me as part of a deal brokered by ACAS, under the terms of which I have to sit through The Manic Street Preachers with her on the 14th. I plan to be ill that day.

In other news, I wrote all my Christmas cards yesterday, so if you don't receive one from me in the next few days it means that either you've temporarily slipped my mind, or you've annoyed me so much over the past year that I've struck you off the list. You can decide which.