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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I knew I could do it...

Number One Fan
And to answer their question, no, I did not mean Salvador Gutierrez. What do they take me for, an idiot?

Anyhoo, I realise that certain nameless individuals with spelling problems are concerned about my quest for a free haircut, using the flimsy excuse that I have no hair. Well, for a start I have a proven ability to grow a moustache, which I think is what Salvadore has in mind when he talks about highlighting a quarter of your head for forty quid, but that aside, let's not forget that I have a certain loved one in my life who likes to look her best at all times, is never more than three feet from a comb, uses shampoo like it's going out of fashion, has regular cut & blow-drys, and spends most of her life on my sofa, checking her hair.

I'm talking about my cat, obviously. But Lisa wouldn't mind a freebie either.