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Monday, December 10, 2007

The new issue of The Kemptown Rag came out over the weekend, and I like to think I've made page 12 my own with an article about the Brighton Film Festival. Unfortunately I'm competing for column inches with a piece about the Brighton Women's Centre and their campaign for sexual equality, which makes my headline 'Carry On Brighton' seem a little insensitive.

As it happens though, my article isn't the highlight of the current issue. This is:

Salvadore Gutierrez
It's a half-page advert from international hairdresser to the stars, Salvadore Gutierrez, who's just moved to Kemp Town from Los Angeles, New York and London. He's done the hair of Pauline Quirke and John McEnroe (though he can't spell either of their names), and now he's camping it up in Egremont Place and offering to touch you up for thirty quid.

Interestingly, my brother almost put in an offer on a flat in Egremont Place two years ago, before deciding that the parking situation looked dodgy, and the U-shaped living room meant I wouldn't be able to see the TV without a complicated system of mirrors. He must be kicking himself now though. I bet property prices have shot up since Salvadore moved in.

I've looked up Mr Gutierrez on Google, and oddly for a man who's heard Carly Simon sing 'You're So Vain', he doesn't seem to be there. So give it a day or two for this post to get listed, and my blog will officially be the web's leading resource for Salvadore Gutierrez information. I wonder if that's worth a free cut and blow dry?