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Saturday, December 08, 2007

IgglepiggleIt's Igglepiggle!

He's just got off the Ninky Nonk and he's off to see the Tombliboos. I expect.

Personally I'd never heard of Igglepiggle and his vocally challenged friends until last week when Lisa was informed over the phone by her two-year-old nephew that he'd just received one for his birthday. Naturally we assumed he was making it up, but it turns out he's not the habitual liar we thought he was, and the Haahoos and Pontipines really do exist. Although the jury's still out on the Wottingers.

Anyhoo, we know they're real, because last night Lisa and I presented the birthday boy (a week late) with the gift we'd lovingly chosen for him: his very own Ninky Nonk (not to be confused with a Pinky Ponk, which is something else entirely). When I say 'lovingly chosen', I mean of course that we handed over some money to his mother and she told us what she'd bought him, but the thought was there. He seemed to like it anyway.

As any self-respecting devotee of In the Night Garden will know (and the show even has its own fan sites) the Ninky Nonk is a train. Pronunciation is all important however, as proved by Lisa's mother, who's been wandering around toy shops asking for a Nig Nog and getting some very strange looks.

As it transpired, I got to spend a lot more time with Lisa's nephews yesterday evening than she did. Despite my experience of two weeks ago I decided to selflessly meet Lisa from work yesterday and give her a lift to her Mum's. Through no fault of my own (obviously) I arrived five minutes late, and sat outside her workplace for the next twelve minutes, looking for traffic wardens and wondering if I'd missed her, before deciding I had, and driving off. I did try to phone her on her mobile, but apparently she hasn't turned it on since Wednesday.

Needless to say I hadn't missed her, and if I'd waited another three minutes, we'd have met up successfully. But the good news is that instead of wasting my life outside Lisa's workplace, I was able to spend my time far more productively by learning how to do 'The Trapeze' with a diabolo, courtesy of her eldest nephew. Sadly Lisa wasn't there to see it - she was busy walking up the hill in the rain with three carrier bags - but I'm sure she'd have been impressed.