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Monday, December 24, 2007

December 25thIt's Christmas Day! And I've got the text message to prove it. I realise that the most obvious way to end a Happy Christmas text message is probably not with the word 'thailand', but this one's from Big Sis, so frankly anything goes. I've blanked out her real name for security reasons, but she's spent the past few weeks posing for official photos at her Australian school of the skies, so if she ever fakes her own death in a canoe, there'll be an internet trail a mile long. I think having her real name revealed on my blog would be the least of her worries. But still.

I haven't actually responded to Sis's thai-dings of joy, because at the time I was busy driving around Hove, looking for the Vallance Community Centre. It proved a bit of a challenge. To be honest, Ritchie Valens would have been easier to find, and he's dead.

I wouldn't normally have gone driving around town on the busiest shopping day of the year, but when Lisa told me she'd volunteered for some kind of community service (when I say 'volunteered for', I mean 'been sentenced to'), I was naturally keen to give her a lift. With a bit of luck she could have been gone all day. And when she added that it was simply a matter of finding "a big red building" in Sackville Road, I was understandably confident of being home for the end of The Railway Children.

Well it's a good job I've seen it before, otherwise I'd have no idea how it finishes. Sackville Road, it turns out, has nothing but red brick buildings, is about a mile long, and is currently gridlocked by Christmas shoppers. At one end is Vallance Road. We found that with no trouble at all. Unfortunately, Vallance Community Centre is about as far from Vallance Road as it's possible to get without leaving Sussex, and is situated in the only non-red building in the street. I was home in just under an hour.

On MessageBut in other news, I've recently been outed on the official Nina Gordon Message Board. Well I say outed. The author of this post has kindly plugged my Nina Gordon site, and offered his congratulations to...

"whoever set it up".

Clearly my master plan to remain anonymous by placing my name on all twenty-seven pages has worked a treat.