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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's a short book.I didn't just give Lisa a diamond ring yesterday. That would be ridiculous. Her main present was 'The Best of Jackie Annual'. I bought it to remind her of her youth, a quarter of a century ago. Lisa once wrote a letter to the Jackie problem page to complain that her mother wouldn't let her go to an all-night party. I wouldn't mind, but she was 31 at the time.

Sorry, I mean 13. Although I think she still had that problem in her thirties. I was hoping Lisa's letter might be in the annual, but sadly they seem to have replaced it with a picture of David Essex.

As it turned out, I wasn't the only one to give Lisa a ring yesterday. Big Sis called from Australia to congratulate us, and pass on the news that she's just killed a kangaroo. She's only been there for six months and she's already threatening to wipe out the indigenous wildlife. It'll be the Aborigines next. But the nice thing is that having mown down a marsupial, she was far more concerned about the damage to her car.

Anyhoo, having discussed the pros and cons of the 'ShuRoo' with Big Sis, Lisa and I cooked our Christmas dinner, managed to get it ready for 4pm, ate everything in sight, and then made our way up to her Mum's for the evening. We arrived to find Lisa's sister playing Zelda on her Nintendo DS. Yes, it's true, we both got the same game for Christmas. I'm only 34, so there's no shame in playing children's video games, but she's 37 and really should know better.

With Lisa's sister occupied, I was able to join her sons on their new Wii. I proved to be a natural at golf and tennis, but I'm still not entirely sure what I was doing in Mario World. Unfortunately, playing with a Nintendo Wii is a little too much like doing an aerobic workout for my liking, so we soon abandoned that for the joys of a greyhound racing DVD. Lisa's mother is keen to instill the gambling spirit into her grandchildren, so she encouraged them to place bets using money they couldn't afford to lose, and attempted to fix it so that they won. She failed, but on the upside, Lisa's never been so rich.

After that, there was just time for me to carry an eight-year-old around on my shoulders for an hour, do a Shrek puzzle, eat mini quiches, and listen to Lisa's sister read an 'In the Night Garden' book with her two-year-old son. I'm not entirely sure what it was about, but I did hear her correct him with the words "No, that's not the Ninky Nonk, that's the Pinky Ponk", so it was obviously quite educational.