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Monday, December 31, 2007

Knees UpNo one walks away from a head-on collision with a kangaroo completely unscathed. Oh no. This is the state of Big Sis's knee since she mowed down a marsupial in her Chrysler convertible. The festive tablecloth really brings out the scarring. Fortunately Sis was wearing a seatbelt during the crash. Unfortunately she then took it off to get out of the car and check the damage to her headlights, tripped over a rock (possibly Ayers Rock) and slammed her knee into the ground. Of course that was nothing compared to the injuries she inflicted on the kangaroo, but Skippy doesn't have access to a camera, so we can't get his side of the story.

Anyhoo, the good news is we've all arrived in Chelmsford. Big Sis flew first class from Shanghai, while Lisa and I drove up the M23 in a Skoda. My biggest problem was the extortionate price of petrol, while Sis complained about the width of the flat beds and the vegetarian menu. Apparently Virgin Upper Class "isn't what it used to be".

On Saturday we had the pleasure of my brother's company. His 8-year-old daughter had got wind of my new status as a Nintendo DS owner, and was keen to connect with me wirelessly. I hadn't read the instructions, so had no idea what she was talking about. To be honest I struggle to remember how to turn it on. But with a bit of coaching I was soon receiving the demo level of 'Cooking Mama' via the miracle of wi-fi, and attempting to make a hamburger by waving a stick at the screen. I don't think it quite had the intellectual challenge of 'Brain Training'.

We're not celebrating Christmas until tomorrow (I think it's some kind of pagan thing), but my brother and I agreed to exchange small gifts on Saturday night. So he gave me a box of handmade chocolate piglets, and I gave him a copy of The Kemptown Rag. I can't reveal who was more pleased.

Big Sis was due to arrive on Sunday evening, so naturally my brother and his family were gone by Sunday morning, leaving Lisa and I to welcome Sis back to the UK... and wave her off as she disappeared into the bedroom complaining of jet-lag. But the good news is that she was up bright and early this morning, and by the time I went downstairs was already surfing the internet in her coat. If she can learn to type in gloves, she might agree to stay til the end of the week.