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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I took Lisa to see a doctor this morning. It's about time someone had a good look at her. As it happens, her visit was only routine (although personally I think medical science should be studying how anyone can eat that many crisps and live), but since she last went, her surgery has moved a couple of hundred yards down the road, and she wasn't convinced she could find it. This is a woman who recently tried to catch a bus from Shoreham to Brighton, and ended up in Steyning, so she's got a point.

Hard to spot.Her surgery is now in this building, The Glass Pavilion, so called because Lisa would need glasses to see it from the Pavilion. It's a brand new development which has only been built since I moved here, and features two-bedroom flats which are currently available to rent for £1,500 a month. Having driven past a couple of times a week throughout the many months of building, and frequently been held up by construction traffic in the road, I'm glad it's now finished, not least because it's lit up quite prettily at night and you can see the reflection of the Royal Pavilion in its glass. It's an impressive sight which is impossible to miss.

Well, I say that. Lisa phoned her surgery yesterday afternoon to find out its new address, and having put the phone down she had only one question: "Where's the Glass Pavilion?". I told her. It turned out she'd never noticed it. So I decided it might be wise to walk her there. It's a full one hundred yards from where she's worked for the past twelve years, so frankly there was every chance she'd get lost.

Anyhoo, I'm pleased to report that her new surgery is a definite improvement on the old one (which was a bit like visiting a slum in the ghetto). Sadly they haven't replaced any of the staff, but you can't have everything. When we arrived, Lisa's doctor was standing in reception handing out chocolate liqueurs. So that's obesity and alcoholism covered; she just needs to open the Christmas cigars and she'll have wiped everyone out.