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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lisa was eating a packet of crisps last night, when she noticed there was a tear in the bottom of the bag. She immediately cried out "There's a hole in my packet!", so I naturally responded with "Dear Lisa, Dear Lisa!". She didn't join in. I think she was more concerned about the Frazzles all over the floor.

But anyhoo, in slightly less important news, we had a phone call from cat-woman Lorraine yesterday. It was my day for phone calls - I also had one from a man who wanted to talk about property development in Derbyshire, but that's another story. As for Lorraine, she's got engaged over the weekend, so congratulations to her. I've only met her fiancé once - on February 7th this year - and he had the bad luck to catch me on a day when I'd just been turned down for a job (what are the odds), so I doubt I'll be getting an invite to the wedding. You don't want your big day ruined by people who look miserable. Although you are meant to cry at weddings.

Anyway, he apparently proposed by taking her to the Savoy in London and producing a £10,000 ring from Tiffany's. So much like Timmy, when he jumps down after throwing up on the dining room table, Lorraine's landed on her feet.

No date has been set for the nuptials, because Lorraine's pregnant and doesn't want to look fat in the wedding photos. So they're waiting until she's had the baby. When she'll look pale and exhausted.

Anyhoo, I can take a hint, so Lisa's got the day off work today and I'm taking her up to London. I'm not sure about the Savoy and a £10,000 ring, but I might stretch to a Happy Eater and a packet of Hula Hoops.