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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Manic FridayIt's the Manic Street Preachers!

At least I think it is. That's the clearest photo I've got, and frankly it could be anyone. Unfortunately my efforts to take a good picture were hampered by the people sitting next to us, who spent the entire concert screaming "We love you, James!" and bouncing up and down to such an extent that our entire row of seats were shaking like a teacher at a bear-naming ceremony. It was like watching a concert from the back seat of a bus.

But the good news is that the Manics were far better than I expected. To be honest I'd been more excited about my trip to the dentist yesterday, and was only going because Lisa had agreed to come and see (the vastly superior) Maroon 5 with me. But they turned out to be pretty good. Although they made the mistake of opening with their best song ('Motorcycle Loneliness'), meaning it was all downhill from there. Yesterday's Brighton Centre concert was the last night of their tour, and oddly they didn't do an encore, so they were obviously keen to get home. But to be honest, so was I.

As for tonight, there's a bit of a clash on the concert front. Floors and Walls are playing at the Engine Room in Preston Street, while Nina Gordon is coming out of retirement to play a few songs at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Mind you, with the eight-hour time difference, I could probably make it to both.

As it happens, the Hotel Cafe isn't the only place Nina's putting in an appearance at the moment - she's also made it onto my CV. I spent yesterday afternoon applying for a job at the International Dance Teachers Association, which is just a ten minute walk (or a five minute quickstep) from my flat. The job involves "updating the company website", so I'm using my Nina Gordon site to prove my credentials as a web-builder in the performing arts field. I might even see if she'll give me a reference.

Anyhoo, I have no time to hang around here, because I'm currently missing a 'Winter Celebration' (you can't mention Christmas in case you offend people) down the road at the Seven Dials. Apparently the mince pies are free, and following the Yiddish Choir at 11:50am and the Accordionist at 12:15pm (both of which should pull in the crowds), the programme says this:

12.40pm Message from Carol Theobald, Mayor of Brighton & Hove
12.50pm Carol Singing

I wonder what she'll be singing..?