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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


1. It's pouring with rain.
2. I've woken up with the beginnings of a cold.
3. The local cable channel showed an explicit advert for genital herpes while I was eating my breakfast.
4. It looks like Dallas Zoo don't have aardvarks.
5. And the monorail doesn't open til March.
6. The Spinach Alfredo pizza I ordered last night was disappointing.
7. I still haven't got the hang of using the automatic ice dispenser in the kitchen without ending up with ice all over the floor.

But on the plus side...

1. It only costs $3 (about one pound eighty) to get into Dallas Aquarium. I wonder if they let you poke starfish?

Going back to the humph side...

8. I've just found there's no pound sign key on this American computer. It's bordering on racism.

Returning to the pluses...

2. We're going to the Galleria Mall tonight. The website claims it's for "serious shoppers", so we'll be mixing with professionals. I only have $150 in cash to my name, which probably makes me an amateur. But an enthusiastic amateur nonetheless.
3. I've been researching the Dallas theatre scene. Interestingly, following on from the Off Off Peachtree Theatre in Atlanta, who were interested in my play 'Ledgers' last month, and who specialise in British plays, I've now come across Theatre Britain, a Dallas theatre with exactly the same philosophy. Although they do seem a little too obsessed with pantomimes. But still, it's kinda interesting. In Britain we spend all our time watching American films and TV. Over here, they're busy setting up theatres just to perform British plays. Go figure, as I believe they say in this part of the world.