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Thursday, February 05, 2004

I've joined the Universal Church of the Interactive Network, and I hereby promise to abide by the 10 Holy E-mail Directives:

~ Thou shalt not spam.
~ Thou shalt not believe everything on thy screen.
~ Thou shalt be wary of the urban myth.
~ Thou shalt use thy spellchecker.
~ Thou shalt think before thou sends.
~ Thou shalt not burden thy brother with superfluous attachments.
~ Thou shalt be prompt.
~ Thou shalt exercise brevity of text.
~ Thou shalt exercise restraint in the use of emoticons, for they are the most holy of textual expressions.
~ Thou shalt learn and use universally acceptable acronyms, as all others are an abomination.

Although that 'brevity of text' one might prove a bit of a challenge.