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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I walked down to the 'Mansell Community Park' this afternoon. I assume it's named after Nigel, the Formula One racing driver - judging by the way Texans seem to drive, it makes perfect sense. The place was deserted, save for myriad squirrels, but I found that some young tykes had tangled up the swings, so I did my bit for community service and untangled them. Whereupon I decided it would be irresponsible of me to leave without ensuring that they worked properly. So I had a swing for 5 minutes. Until I started to feel self-conscious about being a 30 year old man alone on the swings in a children's playground. So I left.

I trekked onwards until I arrived at 'Chandler's Pond', which warned that it was only for the enjoyment of residents and their guests, and included a sign stating that swimming was prohibited. Personally I felt the sign was unnecessary - the fact that the temperature was only a few degrees above freezing ought to have been enough to stop residents stripping down to their swimming trunks.

I returned via the Chandler's Landing Yacht Club, who are advertising a corned beef night tonight. I'll just repeat that for those of you who are assuming it's a typo: a corned beef night. Just how empty would your life have to be?

Obviously I'm going though.