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Thursday, February 19, 2004

(I've been reading an article about how to write like David Foster Wallace, so I've learnt to use superscript footnotes. I'm practically an HTML expert. I'll be writing computer manuals before long.)

Texas weather is still weird. Yesterday was not only sunny, but genuinely warm. I felt overdressed just walking down the street in a light jacket. Today however, I find myself in the middle of a hurricane1. It's blowing a gale out there, and the usually calm lake between here and Dallas looks like the sea around Cape Horn2. Fortunately this house has a 'tornado room'3 built into the lower level, so I'll be transferring the cookie supply to that part of the building forthwith.

We made it to the Addison Improv last night, and Big Sis actually felt better for it, which just goes to show that laughter is the best medicine. Unless you're asthmatic, in which case it's ventolin. We were treated to three comedians in the course of the evening. Well, two comedians and one guy who shouldn't give up the day job4. And we had a good view of the acts, sitting as we were, right at the front by the stage. That'll teach us to be the only people in Dallas who bothered to book a table in advance and order a meal.

The first act was (coincidentally I'm sure) the guy on the door who checked our tickets when we came in. He showed more flair for that particular line of work, and once on stage treated us to his hilarious routine about "retards at the supermarket". It was a joy from start to finish5.

Second was Marvin Michaels, who I must admit I thought was great6. He did 20 minutes, but I could happily have watched him all night. His hair was slightly distracting though.

And then came the headliner, Brian Malow, who despite only having one 'l' in his name, likes to pronouce it 'mallow'. I'd be willing to bet his nickname at school was 'Marsh'. He did an hour, during which he discovered that there were some old family friends in the audience who he hadn't seen for 15 years. It was like an episode of 'Surprise Surprise'. I got quite emotional. He also started his anti George W Bush7 routine by asking how many of us love the man. A room full of Texans spoke as one. Brian then dropped a lot of his intended material.

It was kewl8 though, and there were few enough people in the club to give it a conversational feel, like we were all just sitting around chatting as a group. Except that one of us was paid to be there. And being British, Big Sis and I were actually too reserved to join in. But still.

[1] slight exaggeration
[2] probably
[3] Jody Foster's panic room without the surveillance monitors or annoying child
[4] the world needs waiters
[5] I'm being mildly ironic there. Can you tell?
[6] no irony that time
[7] he's the President. No, really.
[8] and phat


Phil said...

Lisa Re(8) - good

21 February 2004, 01:48:12Lisa (unless the answer is obvious)
I knew I needed a delete key (again) but why has that smiley face come up? Is it just to make me look repetitive or does it serve a purpose. It makes you wonder.21 February 2004, 01:56:16Phil
You get a smiley sunglasses face if you type an 8 followed by a bracket, thus: 8) It's a well known fact.

And I saw a t-shirt at the mall tonight which said "Baby Phat" on it. I nearly bought it for you, but I wasn't entirely sure if it was an insult.

And obviously I only wanted it if it was... 21 February 2004, 06:42:57LisaLisaView details
Actually I was a small baby. I've just made up for it since.22 February 2004, 16:50:29