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Friday, February 13, 2004

We didn't make it to the corned beef night in the end. Big Sis refused to go, using the flimsy excuse that she's been a vegetarian for the past ten years. She'll probably try to get out of tomorrow's Valentine's Day singles night as well, just because she's got a long-term boyfriend.

Instead, we returned to the Galleria Mall, to give it the proper attention it deserved. I bought some more cheap and tacky gifts, resisted the temptation to buy a cuddly armadillo, was fascinated by an 'automatic picture hanging machine' which turned out to be a plastic spirit level, and watched while Sis joined the serious shoppers in some hardcore retail therapy. We also found the only branch of McDonalds in the western world without a restroom. (That's toilets to you English people). I actually opened the door to what I thought was the gents, saw a bucket on the floor, and panicked slightly before I realised it was actually a cleaner's store cupboard.

My cold is worse today, despite taking some brightly coloured orange pills from the local supermarket. It's probably not helped by the lack of corned beef in my diet. So I'd welcome some sympathy. Or money. But mainly sympathy. And I've also ripped my jeans, which I blame on the fact that the seats in Big Sis's car are too low, and I had to sit down suddenly whilst trying not to drop all her fancy boutique purchases, or tread on the box of fudge cookies on the floor. It was an accident waiting to happen. I may decide to sue.

But on the bright side, we're heading out to Grapevine Mills tonight, which describes itself as "the first super-regional, value-oriented megamall in Texas". I'm not entirely sure what all that means, but if they use the term 'mega', it's got to be good. I think. Not that I want to give the impression that I'm only here to shop. I also plan to take in some culture over the weekend - we're planning a trip to Southfork Ranch. Apparently they have the actual gun that shot JR.