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Monday, January 31, 2005

Brace yourself everyone...


Hurrah! I've been hoping to hear from Andrey again ever since he invited me to his home in Alexandria two weeks ago to help him celebrate his success in some kind of spelling competition.

Well he's back. And his English has definitely improved. He says:

I am a free Author in my World.
Given birth not for the first time and to make the first termination a circle of external transformations, I quietly and simply open my soul.
I am opened, - I want, that to be close - I has come in the world.
The dark terrestrial soul of the person is sweet words also fierce and rises on an infinite ladder of perfection in this life for ever inaccessible and for ever desirable.
Thirst a miracle - and a miracle will be given to her.
And if terrestrial life, - my life, - not a miracle? Life such destroyed, such disconnected and such big.
"For all and in everything, - I, and only I, also was not existing another, and not and I shall not be".
"Things - in me, but you - not a thing mine; you and I - one".
"Arrive to me, read me".

Ok, well as far as I can make out, Andrey appears to have had a baby. Although he also talks about a termination, so I'm not quite sure what that's all about. To be honest, he began to lose me around the ladder of perfection bit, although I did enjoy the clever use of a semi-colon in the sentence "Things - in me, but you - not a thing mine; you and I - one". Correct punctuation is so crucial, otherwise people won't know what you're talking about.

Pleasantries out of the way however, the reason for Andrey's e-mail soon becomes clear. Anyone initially confused by the words "Arrive to me, read me" will be left in no doubt by the next sentence:

Andess mine WEB is such form.

Well ok, maybe just a little bit of doubt. But let me clear things up for you:

Andrey has a website address! Yes, really. And since he's written to tell me about it, I feel the least I can do is link to it on my blog. So here we go...

... and whilst I'm not one to judge, I feel I should mention that this may very well be the worst website you've ever seen...


But I do like his use of big fonts.