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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Well so far the Brighton Argus have ignored my poetic masterpiece. But they did print a poem today entitled 'Lament for the A23', which begins "Where traffic flowed freely, let there be congestion", and makes frequent reference to bus lanes, so obviously the competition is quite stiff.

Having driven down to the south coast yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I made our way to Shoreham for a dinner party with two other couples. I was introduced to a lovely lady who despite coming "from a farming and haulage background" (a fact she may just have mentioned once or twice) had made something of her life and gone on to live next door to Simon Nye, the writer of 'Men Behaving Badly', for seven years. He, apparently, was lovely, but I couldn't possibly reveal what his wife got up to while he was in London filming the shows.

As if that wasn't enough, her friend is currently dating someone who knows both Steve Coogan AND Alan Partridge, a fact she was quite convinced of, even after we pointed out that they're the same person.

We also learnt that Lisa is "very naive", "England is shit", and none of us earn enough. Oh, and having your own dog-minding business ('Dogs R Us' - I'm not making it up) is very hard work. But I'm sure we all knew that already.

Fortunately we only had to sit through the first 200 of her wedding photos before her husband succeeded in dragging her out the door (literally). As Lisa said "she's a sit-com waiting to happen", so watch this space.

Anyhoo, no time for further blogging now - Lisa and I are off to Brighton station to meet young Melee and her beau, who are leaving behind the delights of Croydon on a Saturday night and travelling down here to see what Brighton has to offer.

And what does Brighton have to offer..?


We're getting the bus, coz I'm going to need a few drinks to get through this.