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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happppy Noo Ye-harr! It's 2005! (I'm always first with the breaking news).

2004 was probably the best year of my life, and I have a lot to be positive about in 2005. So naturally I spent the end of the year hanging out with Dave, and being generally crap. But things started picking up at 6:15pm, when I crawled out of bed to find that I had a bit of a sore throat. By the time Gender Swap came on at 10pm I thought I'd swallowed a small cheese grater; it worsened during my happy new year chat with Lisa, and this morning I feel like someone's attacked my tonsils with a blowtorch.

But I've been cheered up by the news that my Shotley Gate page appears to be getting hits from...

It's a mystery

Apparently someone's linked to me on their member forums. Unfortunately I can't access them without joining, and you'd have to be quite sad to go to all the trouble of creating a member account just so you can find out what people are saying about you.

So anyway, as a committed member of Mystery Shoppers UK, I'm now entitled to view the forums. Unfortunately they don't seem to work, and I'm still getting error messages every time I try to read something. So it remains a mystery as to why shoppers are interested in my Shotley Gate page. Although I'm hoping it's because they're picking up my campaign to get Shotley Village Store to sell skimmed milk.

In other news, my attempt to recreate the aviation achievements of the Wright brothers by flying my radio-controlled plane with my brother this weekend, has hit a snag. He's decided not to come. As a compromise, he's generously offered me the once in a lifetime chance to drive all the way to Southend and go flying at his house instead.

Having driven 650 miles in 7 days over Christmas, and with a commitment to drive another 560 in 5 days next week, it's naturally tempting to spend the new year doing a 150 mile round trip to Essex for no good reason, but I've resisted the lure and said no. I'm already singlehandedly putting Mr Shell's children through private school. Word is they've opened a new Optimax factory just for me.

So 1360 miles in two weeks might be a bit of a stretch. My car goes ten miles on £1 of petrol, so some basic mental arithmetic tells us that... um... can anyone lend me a fiver? On top of that, my cat has developed a taste for expensive yellowfin tuna. And I'm not overly confident that Lisa will develop a similar enthusiasm for the cheap Hungarian Chardonnay I've bought for her next visit.

So my new year's resolution is to earn some money.

Meaning I've bought a lottery ticket for tonight's draw.