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Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's been an excellent day for my diet. With great self-control I've resisted the chocolatey goodness of Kit-Kats and limited myself to just four slices of toast all day. And I very nearly didn't finish that.

On the downside, it's not so much a healthy eating plan as a reaction to major illness (although as someone who likes to publicly rebrand a slight cold as terminal pneumonia, I don't actually expect anyone to believe that). But as of 3:30am last night, I've had terrible sickness, upset stomach, the worst headache I've had for many years, and limbs which ache so much I can barely lift the remote control.

Fortunately I was able to force my Mummy to come over with a thermometer and tend to my needs all day, leaving me free to swig Pepto-Bismol, take Aspirin, and sleep copious amounts.

So I feel rough in the extreme. But on the bright side, Lisa and I have an ongoing £5 bet that I can lose a stone quicker than she can lose half a stone. So today might just have earned me some money.