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Friday, January 07, 2005

I drove down to Brighton yesterday to collect Lisa for the great meeting of minds which is taking place in Ipswich on Saturday night. She takes a while to get ready though, so I'm still here.

We took the opportunity, however, to pop along the coast to Portslade for dinner at Lorraine's last night (she's a friend, not a restaurant). Lorraine had very kindly prepared chile con carne and apple crumble (although with a name like her's, it really ought to have been quiche), a gesture which was particularly appreciated by Lisa, who refused to touch it, and took her own food instead. It was a bit like a Blue Peter bring & buy sale. Only without the charitable goodwill.

But the food was good and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Particularly Lorraine's new cat, Timmy, who appreciated the opportunity to make Oscar (he of the cat-siting in October) even more jealous by being cute and forcing us to tickle his tummy.

We also heard (from Lorraine, not Timmy) about a friend who's been bothered by an ex partner. He's spread nude pictures of her around the neighbourhood, hurled insults through the kitchen window while she's entertaining, and been the subject of a police restraining order. But he's now asked her to go on holiday wih him to Dubai, and she's said yes. Obviously.

Anyhoo, my plan to lose two stone in a week has proved unsuccessful (mainly because it's medically impossible), but I weighed myself on Lisa's hi-tech digital scales this morning, and I've lost 4lb in 7 days. Which is fab. As long as you ignore the fact that I'd put on about 12lb since the beginning of November, and I'm going out for pizza on Saturday night.

So I really ought to walk the mile to Lisa's workplace to meet her for lunch now. But I need to conserve my energy for playing video games with her nephew after school. So the car it is.