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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wobble-Board World RecordBig news! The Keith Barron lookalike I met on Friday night was telling the truth! He really was a world record-breaking wobble-boarder! Although when he said "we were in all the papers", I didn't think he meant a few copies of The Bolton News. Sadly he doesn't appear in the photo on the left (and he wasn't Bob Wilson either) but still, it's nice to know he wasn't the complete fantasist loon I thought he was. I wish I'd bought him a drink now.

In other news, I've just had the following e-mail:

"We have filled the position. Thank you for your interest.
Alan Thompson"

It seems I'm not going to be a writer for a law firm after all. Alan didn't quite manage to address me by name, but the fact that he bothered to reply at all puts him head and shoulders above most of the people to whom I apply for jobs. And let's face it, the man's a lawyer, so ordinarily I'd have been charged £500 for that letter. So thanks, Alan. Gordon Strachan was wrong to drop you from the Celtic team.

Anyhoo, chronic unemployment aside, I've cheered myself up by taking The Boris Quiz from Channel 4 News. I like to think I know everything there is to know about Boris Johnson, so I was naturally disappointed to score a feeble 5 out of 10, and receive the following judgement:

"Like Portsmouth, you're too full of underachievement."

And they don't even know about the job situation.