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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Following on from Lisa's comment here the other day, I found this on the jobcentre website last night...

Sideshow Bob
Unfortunately, aside from the fact that my name's not Bob, supervisory experience is apparently essential, and unless you count baby-sitting cats and nephews, both of whom disobey my orders, throw up all over the place and try to eat all my food, then I don't have the necessary qualifications. Although judging by most of the people who operate sideshows on the pier, experience in a supervisory role means anyone who's been the subject of a supervision order in their teens.

But fortunately I'm not interested in leaving people dangling 120ft above the sea for a living, because I've found something far more up my street in today's paper:

At Home With the Body Piercers
Forgive my ignorance, but how the heck can you "study in the comfort of your own home"? Don't you need someone to practise on? Admittedly I once pierced my cat's ear with nothing but a pair of electric clippers and a lot of enthusiasm, but that was an accident and I'm not sure she'd let me do it again.