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Monday, July 09, 2007


It's not every day you see a giant octopus closing in on a crocodile whilst being pursued by a scuba diver with a baby shark.


But then it's not every day you see Snoopy in a Sopwith Camel engaged in a mid-air dogfight with the Red Baron either. In the end they were both brought down by a teddy bear in a bi-plane. Which is something I did see coming.

Brighton Kite Festival
Anyhoo, as may be obvious by now, I spent yesterday afternoon at the Brighton Kite Festival, a free event with strings attached. And very good it was too. I haven't seen so many airborne fruit and veg since the Cheeky Girls played the Dome.

I particularly enjoyed the father & son display duo of Team Spectrum. They're like Team ZX81, only faster and with a better memory. And what's more, they're from Ipswich. Why they were never booked for the Shotley Gate summer fete, I have no idea.

I took a total of sixty-two photos in the space of three hours, and I'm tempted to follow the example of Big Sis and post about half of them, but I'll try to resist. I have however written an article about the event for The Argus, so if you want to read a report of a stunning visual spectacle without any photographs whatsoever, you can check out the website in a day or two.

In the meantime here's a giant inflatable stingray...

Apparently the inflatable Steve Irwin had a puncture.