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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
California - Santa Cruz (9 June 2007)

Santa CruzJ and I both felt the need to thaw out and so decided to head south to Santa Cruz. Whilst only a short drive south of San Franciso it has its own little micro climate and is infinitely warmer than San Francisco and Alcatraz. But let’s face it, it couldn’t be much colder. This was a fact which came from road trip accomplice M who coincidentally was in San Fran the same night as us. But despite lots of logistically orientated phone calls, we failed to meet up. She did, however, invite us to a wedding in Santa Cruz the next day - another reason to head south.

On reflection, the beach got more votes than gate-crashing a wedding of a couple we had never met, so we decided we would meet up for the party later on. And we did love the beach. And the warmth. J even got to meditate in his sleep and we finished off the day by eating vegetarian crab at a local seafood restaurant.

Me on the BeachJ Meditating

It was then time to head to the wedding party to see M and the rest of the gathering. Ironically, the wedding had taken place in the open air in the middle of the Redwood Forest. We kinda regretted the beach decision – it would have saved us a lot of driving and Redwood searching, and killed two birds with one stone had we known.

Wedding Party
But the little gathering was fun and we met a famous fireman who was in the newspaper I was clutching. And it was good to see M again – kinda like a road trip reunion. I need a few more of those...