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Friday, July 13, 2007

Sussex Arts ClubHaving rubbed shoulders successfully with Julien Boast yesterday afternoon, it will come as a surprise to no one that I'm heading off to The Sussex Arts Club tonight, a private members club for writers, artists and people with a GCSE in Media Studies.

Their premises in Ship Street were previously home to the Sussex Motor & Yacht Club, which counted amongst its members Rudyard Kipling (who made exceedingly good cakes) and Winston Churchill (insurance salesman). Naturally standards have dropped since then, and they now let the likes of me in. But only on special occasions. They obviously wanted to make Friday the 13th as unlucky as possible for their members.

In addition to the arty conversation, I'm actually going along to represent The Kemptown Rag in a charity quiz night. I do a lot of good work for charity, and funnily enough I do like to talk about it, so I'm at liberty to say that we're trying to raise money for Coastway Hospital Radio. The last I heard, there were quite a few of us going, which has to be good news. We're more likely to win with a team of twenty.

I've only actually met two of my fellow quiz-mates before, but I'm hoping that if I turn up early and look out for a collection of filth pedlars from an odious freesheet, I should be able to spot them all ok.

Anyhoo, the quiz starts at 8pm, so if I've got your mobile number, you can expect me to start texting you under the table by about 8:05.