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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I've been to the Jobcentre this morning, and here's what I've got to show for it:

Duties will include nudity.
Can nudity really be considered a 'duty'?

But still, I'm glad "there is no obligation to consider making an application for this vacancy". Although I have always wanted to work for an organisation which is "not registered with a recognised professional body". Especially one which invites applicants to come straight round (possibly stripped to the waist). Unfortunately I've never liked making coffee, so I don't think it's the job for me. Which is a shame as it's only a ten minute walk from my flat. Or a five minute naked sprint.

ExterminateAnyhoo, whilst looking for a job that allows me to keep my clothes on, I've also managed to find time to celebrate the fourth birthday of Lisa's second nephew. Last year the event involved a hedgehog cake which had its innards removed by a baby, and its foot spat out by the birthday boy, but I'm pleased to say that this year the catering had moved on from wildlife to alien villains, and party guests (that's me, Lisa and her Mum) were treated to a very fetching Dalek cake. Everyone knows that Daleks taste better than hedgehogs, and sure enough it was actually very nice. I exterminated two slices.

I also viewed Nephew Number One's end-of-term trophy which he's been awarded for being the school's 'Most Improved Pupil'. I think that's a polite way of saying he was rubbish last year. But the highlight for me was hearing about Lisa's sister's attempt to introduce two small children to each other at the school sports day this week. The boys were called James and Sidney, so without thinking she cried "Look Sid, James!"

Sidney's mother now thinks she was calling him a craggy-faced old codger with a dirty laugh, and isn't speaking to her.