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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm writing this whilst watching the Live Earth concert on BBC2. I love the idea of trying to cut carbon emissions by holding a huge electric rock concert. It's like supporting vegetarianism by eating beef. Fortunately I don't have to worry about my carbon footprint as I tend to drive everywhere.

Except for when I'm walking around local parks at midnight, that is. In an unexpected twist of events, my Dad, who was naturally devastated at being denied the chance to read a report on the Stanmer Night Life Thriller, rang the council to complain yesterday and was told that had got the date wrong. It was actually being held last night. So it's a good job I didn't approach that van on Thursday.

Anyhoo, the weather on July 6th was almost springlike, making it a vast improvement on the past few weeks, so I managed to successfully attend the event this time around, and spend a happy couple of hours playing with an electronic bat detector in the dark. My report is currently sitting in the inbox of the Argus website editor, and should be appearing here within... ooh, a couple of days I should think. That's the trouble with not being allowed to publish your own posts.

In the meantime, I've been into town to investigate the 'Frieze Box' - a public art installation being painted outside the library as part of the Brighton Hip-Hop Festival...

That photo sums up Brighton perfectly: bright, colourful, vibrant, full of fun... and with a homeless person asleep in the background.

Pass the Tipp-ExIt's described in the leaflet which was thrust into my hand by a young man from the ghetto as "a living, evolving and constantly changing installation". And they weren't wrong. As one chap was busy painting an iron man on one side of the box, another was merrily erasing it with a bucket of Tipp-Ex and a roller. It's a good job I got there when I did.

And talking of good jobs (these links are seamless), I've decided that writing two blogs and a magazine (or an odious freesheet) is clearly not enough, so I spent yesterday afternoon applying for another job. I'm going to be a writer for a law firm. I'm not entirely sure what the job involves, but I expect it's just composing a load of speeches which begin "I put it to you..." and end with "No further questions, your honour". How hard can it be?

In other news, Gordon Ramsay is currently in town filming for the new series of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Having already sorted out Momma Cherri's in a previous episode, he's now tackling the snot-in-a-shell delights of Ruby Tate's Oyster Bar. Considering he only does four shows per series, the fact that he's done two restaurants in Brighton doesn't say much for the quality of local food. It's no wonder Lisa lives on ready meals.