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Thursday, May 14, 2009

About twenty of these signs have gone up this week in the streets around my flat...

Gully Gosh
I've no idea what 'Gully / Mechanical Street Cleansing' is (although if it's seagully, I approve), but what I want to know is why Brighton & Hove City Council decided to do them all on the same day? The parking spaces outside my flat aren't included, but the five adjacent streets are, meaning that everyone who lives within two hundred yards of my flat (and this is Brighton, so there's about a million of them) will be trying to park in the dozen or so spaces right outside tomorrow. I'll have to walk to work, because my chances of parking when I get home are zero. I wouldn't mind, but they're not even cleansing my gully.

Anyhoo, on the subject of work, it's a well known fact that the NHS is a lot like professional football. Not so much in terms of the wages, but more in the way that I only work productively for about ninety minutes a week. So with that in mind, my manager pulled me off the bench on Monday and sent me out on loan to play for a struggling team down the road. As a result, I've spent my afternoons this week working at another hospital. I'm not saying it's been dull, but I have nothing whatsoever to say about it. Well, nothing I could publish.

But as luck would have it, someone else has plenty to say...

She's finally worked out who I am.