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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Most people get flowers when they leave a job, but with three working days left before I depart the world of pharmacy, one of my colleagues has given me these...

Pepper Pots
No, they're not cannabis plants, although having spent fourteen months working with drugs, that would be appropriate. They're actually Slovakian peppers, cultivated from seed by the Mr Big of European vegetable smuggling, who imported them into this country back in March via the green channel at Gatwick. When swine flu passes, and a deadly strain of capsicum flu hits the UK, he's going to have a lot of questions to answer.

But naturally that didn't stop me accepting a few. To be honest, it was an act of mercy. This year's crop is currently being ravaged by a voracious predator named Linda (who looks like this, and writes like this), and is in danger of being wiped out completely. So the four plants above have been evacuated for their own safety, and sent to live with me to ensure the survival of the species. Fortunately Chloe's far too fussy to touch anything which isn't made by Iams or out of a tin marked tuna, so they should be alright. Frankly the biggest danger is Amelie.

But in other news, Brighton & Hove City Council have been out there again today, doing some more Gully/Mechanical Street Cleansing. As a result, my stretch of Eastern Road is now home to two communal bins, one parked on double yellow lines, the other in the parking space right outside my flat. So from now on I'll have further to walk with my shopping when I get home from Asda, but at least I'll be able to take the rubbish out when I go to my car. That's if I can park within walking distance of my flat.