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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, it's official: I'm no longer a drug dealer...

Who put the 'i' in Phil?
I think someone must have removed the bit of paper saying "You'll need it".

But I've said my goodbyes, washed up my mug, taken down my laminated Conflict Resolution certificate (and the post-it note saying "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough"), and as of five-thirty this afternoon I've finally bid farewell to the world of pharmacy. Like anyone withdrawing from a daily drug habit, I've found it difficult and a little bit sad, but I've eaten a lot of chocolate to get me through it.

Fortunately my colleagues know me very well, so they bought my leaving present in Thorntons. And then gave me a George voucher so I can buy some bigger clothes. I also received a card which has travelled from Brighton General down to the Royal Sussex, then all the way up to the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath. I had no idea so many people wanted to see the back of me.

I must admit, when Lisa waved me off on the bus in March of last year, I didn't expect to be moving on again fourteen months later, especially when I found out how much I like drugs and the people who use them, but sometimes you have to take the opportunities that life (and the NHS) presents you with. Especially when your daughter goes through clothes like... well, like her mother.

But it's sad to think that I'll never again kick back in front of a pharmacy box on a quiet afternoon, shooting the breeze with my work buddy for... oooh, about three hours straight.

Mine's a double (chin).That's not a cigar.
Those photos were taken by the stores supervisor. I think she's preparing some kind of official report.