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Monday, May 11, 2009

Anally RetentiveAh, Movicol Oral Powder. Effective relief from constipation in one handy sachet. Unfortunately, speaking as someone who's just spent the afternoon standing in the middle of a hospital, sealing one hundred boxes of the stuff with two hundred stickers, and loading them all onto twenty-five shelves of a pharmacy robot whilst doing his back in, I wouldn't want to see another sachet of Movicol if I'd been bunged up for a fortnight.

But whilst I've had a fairly dull afternoon at work, things are far more entertaining at home. I've been trying to recreate the Christians versus the lions at the Colosseum by putting Chloe into Amelie's playpen. Unfortunately there hasn't been much of a fight so far, as Amelie's rarely in there. She prefers to roam free across the living room floor, and we've decided that watching her chomp on live electrical cables is significantly less stressful than putting up with her crying through the bars of a cage. So we're using it to hang washing on instead.