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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Am with a small horse!

The Silence of the Foals
That fringe could do with a trim.And judging by that muzzle, it's the Hannibal Lecter of the pony club. Any nearer and he'd have your face off.

But dangerous animals aside, Lisa, Amelie and I have spent the afternoon horsing around at the St Ann's Well Gardens Spring Festival. Personally I hadn't heard of St Ann's Well Gardens until about 6pm last night, but fortunately Lisa had. Although she didn't know where they were. Frankly it was a miracle we got there at all. But thanks to a combination of luck and Lisa's map-reading skills (neither of which you'd want to rely on), we made it across the border into Hove, and arrived at the festival.

Well, I say festival. To be honest it was more of a fête in a park. But a very nice fête in an even nicer park. Here we are opposite the Squirrel Market in the Kids Fun Zone...

No photos please.
I can't help thinking she looks like Liam Gallagher in that hat.

That's a map in her hand.And talking of nutters you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley, it's almost eighteen months now since I was chased past some cheese by a close friend of the Prime Minister, so it's about time I was recognised in the street again. And sure enough, there I was this afternoon, wheeling Amelie past the bowling greens and trying to avoid the accordian player by the toilets, when out of the blue, a member of the public started shouting "Mulled Whines!" at me.

Unfortunately I had my mind on other things at the time (namely the ice cream in my hand), so it wasn't until Lisa physically turned me around that I noticed. But before anyone makes the mistake of thinking that I have two fans, I should point out that it was the same lady who accosted me in Asda. One more meeting and I can report her as a stalker.

Anyhoo, we had a very nice little chat, during which she told us that Amelie's the most famous baby in East Brighton, before announcing that she could be about to enter public life herself, by taking high office in the west of the city. She's campaigning on Facebook, so it's only a matter of time before Lisa's sending her a friend request. Personally I'm holding out for an audience at Number 10. Or possibly a duck house.

So having waved goodbye to my political allies, and realised I'd forgotten to ask for Derek Draper's e-mail address, we headed off through the woods to the Kid's Rave...

Rave Reviews
The apostrophe implies the singular, and sure enough, there was only one person there. But that didn't stop Am getting funky...

Raving Mad
She's always been raving mad.

For me though, the highlight of the afternoon was on the main stage, where girl band The Half Sisters performed some killer tunes on that classic combination of drums, ukulele and flute. Pay particular attention to the last line of the song, and then watch as the audience rise to their feet...

It's amazing what the offer of sweets does for your popularity.