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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Not content with a woodworm infestation in their loft, my parents have started attracting vermin to their garden...

Warning: May Contain NutsHanging Around
Squirrels aren't traditionally known for their love of yoghurt, but I expect they've all developed peanut allergies. And judging by the nipples on that one, a plague is just around the corner.

Anyhoo, as of 8pm last night, Lisa, Amelie and I are back in Brighton. So the riots were nothing to do with us. Personally I think Smash EDO sounds like a new brand of instant potato. Our decision to flee to St Leonards was a late one, and based primarily on the belief that we'd enjoy our bank holiday a lot more if we had someone else to do the cooking and childcare.

SkwerlSo having arrived in time for a roast dinner on Sunday, we spent a relaxing evening discussing Big Sis's love life, before sleeping the sleep of the righteous, and getting up bright and early on Monday afternoon. At which point we left Amelie to watch the squirrels lick the lid of life, and went to Tescos.

I have to say, it's a measure of just how sad our lives have become since October, that we actually got quite excited about a child-free trip to a supermarket. Despite having walked through the doors needing precisely nothing, we eventually emerged almost two hours later, more than a hundred pounds lighter, two pounds heavier, and a great deal happier. Whereupon we went back to my parents' house for another home-cooked meal. Their spare room's not much smaller than our flat, so we're thinking of moving in.