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Friday, May 15, 2009

Brighton Council are such liars...

It's improved the view out of those windows.
They didn't want to cleanse our streets at all. They wanted to install giant communal bins across Kemptown. Our gullies are no more spotless than they were yesterday.

As it happens, I've been against the idea of communal bins since the plan was announced last year. Not because it means I'll have to walk a hundred yards down the road with Amelie's nappies; not because the sound of the bins being slammed keeps everyone awake at night; and not because they get full up and people leave their rubbish in the street. I'm actually opposed to them because each one takes up an all-too-precious parking space.

So I was particularly pleased to arrive home from work this afternoon (on foot, obviously) to find that the ones dumped closest to my flat have all been parked on double yellow lines. That's what I call responding to residents' concerns.

In other local news, I received an e-mail today from the organisers of the Brighton Festival. I've been on their mailing list since I took a pregnant Lisa to see Augusten Burroughs a year ago, and it's nice to be updated on events. So here's what their latest advertising e-mail says:

Last Chance Saloon
The final week of Brighton Festival is just around the corner. Tickets still available for many events. It ain't over until the last DJ set, the last jazz quintet, the last soprano sings or the last prostitute packs up and heads for a new patch.

Fortunately there are still plenty of prostitutes in Brighton, so I might take Amelie to see something tomorrow.

And on the subject of our talkative daughter, the breaking news is that Amelie has moved on from shouting 'Dada' yesterday, and has spent today saying 'Mama' whenever she sees Lisa. It's quite a sight to behold. I just can't be bothered to film it.