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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I love a bit of narcissism, so I was naturally excited to come across a website this afternoon entitled 'Who Links to Me', which automatically tells you... um... who links to you.

As well as helpfully letting me know that all the pages of my website link to the main page (thanks for that), this handy tool informed me that I'm mentioned on a site called 'Something Beautiful', where I undoubtedly fit in perfectly, but also that I've inexplicably found my way into the Wikipedia Encyclopaedia.

They don't yet have a picture of me, or information about my natural habitat, diet, or life expectancy, and fortunately details of my breeding habits are sketchy, but they do use the word 'anthropomorphic', which sounds quite good.

It also raises the interesting point that if stuff I casually refer to on my website ends up being quoted in encyclopaedias, then I really ought to be laying claim to a lot more impressive achievements.

So I'd just like to state for the record that I'm single-handedly responsible for writing The Simpsons. Thanks.