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Monday, December 13, 2004

One day Brighton, the next Shotley Gate. Lisa and I are back in Suffolk for the 80s synth pop event of the year (well ok, there isn't much competition) - The Human League at the Ipswich Regent. I'm obviously very young, so I barely remember the Human League, but Lisa assures me they were quite big in her day. That was before CDs of course. I'm hoping they'll just play 'Don't You Want Me' over and over again, otherwise I might be a bit lost.

Doors open in... um... 10 minutes. And it'll take us 25 minutes to get there. But hey, popstars are never on time. Hence the decision to stop and write a blog post first.

I'm glad I booked tickets for the correct date anyway - this time tomorrow the stage of the Ipswich Regent is being graced by Jim Davidson. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Oh, and one more thing: a friend of Lisa's thinks I look a bit like Phil Oakey. Apparently he's the one who does most of the singing. (The other two, by Lisa's own admission, can barely hold a note). Our seats are quite near the front, so for him it'll probably be like looking in a mirror.

That's if we get there before the concert finishes...