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Friday, December 17, 2004

It's my Mum's birthday today. So...


I couldn't possibly reveal how old she is, but on the day she was born a third German spy was hung at Pentonville Prison, and the government increased rationing for Christmas. So we're not talking the 60s here.

Sadly I can't be there in person to give her the bumps, due to being away on important business in Brighton, but Lisa and I are planning to mark the occasion by taking Lisa's Mum to the bingo tonight. She's not actually very keen to go, but Lisa and I are, and we need a token pensioner to take with us. And besides, I'm legally obliged to treat a mother today, and she's the only one available. So she's coming, whether she likes it or not.

Yesterday turned out to be a blog-free day, due to the fact that I realised I'd driven 630 miles in 6 days (all in the name of love, naturally), and therefore felt we should have a brief afternoon nap to recover. A brief afternoon nap which turned into a marathon sleep. Lisa's first words when we awoke were "Have we missed Richard & Judy?". As it turned out, we barely caught Eastenders.