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Monday, December 06, 2004

In this morning's post I received all the way from America... (fanfare please)... my NaNoWriMo postcard, thank you card, and sticker...

I support National Novel Writing Month. And Ipswich Town.

... in return for being an Extraordinary Helper (I'm listed next to someone called Joanna Gardner, who I think is my piano).

As the thank you card states,

"At National Novel Writing Month, we have one mission: To change the world, one writer at a time.

Actually, scratch that. We have two missions. The other mission is to see if, in a limited amount of time, we can consume more coffee than all of Finland."

Well I'm pleased to have been instrumental in achieving one of those objectives anyway.

I'm also quite excited today because I've discovered what part my niece is playing in her school nativity play. The director obviously feels that her demure sensitivity and lack of pretension precludes her from being leading lady material, and makes her more suited to a supporting role.

Lisa's nephew is playing one of the three kings in his nativity play, which, he informs us, "is about Jesus this year" - something of a surprise there. They obviously wanted a break from tradition. By coincidence, my niece's nativity play is also about Jesus, but sadly, with the lack of decent parts for women, she's been handed a slightly less pivotal role.

I had my fingers crossed for donkey, or possibly sheep. Even star would have done. But no. This year my niece will be a nut. I'm saying nothing.