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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lisa and I baby-sat her two nephews last night in return for some cheese & onion crisps and the children's supply of Hula Hoops (which Lisa stole from the kitchen). I knew it was going well when nephew number one hugged me goodbye and told me to have a good time - I was only giving his parents a lift down the road to the station. But hey, I was going to be gone a full ten minutes, and by that point we'd bonded.

But we had a good evening. Nephew one and I played video games, Lisa watched Eastenders upstairs, and nephew number two slept through the whole thing. I also enjoyed the book about the lion at bedtime, after which I tucked in Wile E Coyote and Daffy Duck, and went back to playing with the Lego.

This afternoon we ventured into Brighton town centre for a bit of christmas shopping. Which involved buying toys in Gamleys, clothes in Next, and wine from Marks & Spencers (mulled for me, boxed for Lisa). We also met an old man in a gold suit at the bus stop wearing a sign proclaiming the second coming of some deity I'd never heard of. It began with 'M', but that's probably not good enough to be saved. It might help if I could remember the whole name of my potential saviour. Although if his followers have to wear ridiculous hats like the one this chap was sporting, I may prefer to remain in eternal darkness.