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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Today's 'Trisha' featured a girl who can only have sex with her boyfriend in the dark.

WHY? I hear you ask.

Because he's got the names of all his ex-girlfriends tattooed on his body, and she doesn't like seeing them when they're making love.

How many ex-girlfriends, you say?

Just the odd 14.

Honestly, some people are just too sensitive. I'm sure it wouldn't bother Lisa if I had the names of 14 other women tattoed all over me.

But anyhoo, the sex in the dark is obviously working, because they're expecting a baby.

And they're planning to get married.

Although the bloke admits that his facial tattoos are stopping him getting a job.

Which I believed, until he mentioned that he also can't read or write.

Some men just have 'good catch' written all over them.

In his case literally.