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Friday, December 10, 2004

When it comes to celebrating a one year anniversary (which is still six months away), a Neil Diamond concert alone is never enough. So despite the fact that Lisa and I already have tickets to see the hoary old warbler at Ipswich Town football stadium on May 26th next year (3 days before our 12 month millstone, I mean milestone), I've just booked tickets for Duran Duran's one-off gig at Birmingham City football stadium on May 28th.

Tickets went on sale at 9am, and by the time I got there at 9:45am they appeared to have already sold out of the seated areas (unless it's just me they didn't want to sell them to), which goes to show firstly that there are a lot of people stuck in the 80s, and secondly that most of their fans are too old to stand. Lisa falls into both categories. But she's also so keen on Duran Duran that she once managed to get the day off work to go and see them in London by telling the boss her grandmother had died. Which I'm sure is something she won't mind me revealing on this blog. So we've gone for the standing tickets.

So that's Duran Duran and Neil Diamond next year, The Human League in Ipswich on Monday, and the Here & Now 80s reunion tour (featuring Bucks Fizz) the following Saturday. One day we might actually go and see someone who's had a hit since 1989.

Anyhoo, I'm off down to Brighton now for a bit of baby-sitting. But while I'm gone, make sure you put in a bid for the world's biggest bobble hats. They're THE winter fashion accessory for 2005. No, really.