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Friday, December 03, 2004

Today's moderate slogan of the day, as seen on a US pro-democrat, pro-choice, anti-war website:

"Republicans want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers."

Marvellous. Nothing controversial there. Apart from the words.

I've also been enjoying a newly discovered blog entitled 'Koo-Koo Puffs'. It's only been live for the past month, but its author has already found time to share the following:

"I whant to be a basketball player when i grow up and i'am going drink apple juice so i can be tall. so i can duck when i play basketball.and iwill be rich and then buy me a nice car and a nice house with swimpoo. and so i will be famus. and i will be on the magazine and on books. and when i go some were the people get there artercraft from me."

Ah yes, I too dream of buying swimpoo, being famus, and having people ask me for my artercraft. Actually I like the word 'artercraft'. I think I'll try to drop it into casual conversation and see if anyone notices.

Anyhoo, it's interesting the effect that a lack of a deadline has on my writing. Having stormed through November on a stress-fuelled wave of high-octane novelling (?), I'm now finding it remarkably difficult to knock out the last remaining chapters. It somehow seems more appealing to watch Richard & Judy, drink Fairtrade hot chocolate, and surf the web for blogs called Koo-Koo Puffs.

But I did manage to struggle my way to a thousand words this afternoon. I would write more this evening, but there's a children's spelling competition just started on BBC1, and I can't be expected to ignore something like that.