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Sunday, June 26, 2005


I'll say one thing for sitting up until 2am on a Saturday night - sometimes, just sometimes, it results in the solving of a problem. As well as a headache caused by eyestrain, and the ruination of a Sunday morning you planned to spend writing. But hey, my font's back. And it only took four hours of work.

Scouring Technorati for recent references to this issue, led me to blogs such as this one, which at least identified the problem for me. It seems that as of Friday, Blogger have started inserting 'clear' tags around each individual post which are beyond the reach of your template, thus ruining the blogs of people like myself who have chosen not to go with one of the default Blogger templates, and have created their own instead. Not that I'm suggesting this was the reason behind their actions. Not much, anyway.

Anyhoo, the fix quoted on that site didn't work for me, so I searched on until I came to this one, which said "It's astonishingly stupid of Blogger to force arbitrary formatting commands into a text block that is the basic currency of the page" (something I'd agree with if I hadn't promised Chris I wouldn't slag off his employers any more), and finally led me here, where after a bit of discussion, an alternative workaround was proposed.

Half an hour of experimentation later, and I finally got it to work with my template shortly before 2am.

So I'd just like to say that Blogger officially sucks, I refuse to be bullied into using a dull standard template by such underhand tactics, and... um... I wish I'd kept a copy of my original template, because the moment they decide to change it back, I'm screwed.