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Friday, June 10, 2005

The quality search engine hits are continuing to pour in over at the other place. In the past two days I've had:

'Kelly Brook thick' (she is)

'Pete Doherty bisexual' (is he?)

'Saskia ladette burping' (she has been)

'Holiday Showdown chav' (they all are)

'Jayne Middlemiss nipple' (she has two)

'Makosi gives Anthony a blow job' (don't go there)

... and my personal favourite...

'Andrea Foulkes charlatan'

I'm proud to be number one on Google for that. Andrea Foulkes is the 'regression therapist' who reveals the past lives of celebrities on 'Have I Been Here Before?". And obviously she is a complete charlatan.

Anyhoo, back on April 29th, I entered ten minutes of 'Be Worth It' into some two-bit contest or other, partly because I'm a fool to myself, partly because there was no entry fee, but mainly because I thought that if they don't get to read the whole play, they might not immediately reject it.

The winners are supposed to be announced on June 9th. It's now June 10th. And have I heard anything? No, I have not. Well, I did receive a nice letter a couple of weeks ago stating that they'd received my entry, and asking if I'd like to give them some money, but apart from that, nothing.

So it's another rip-roaring success for that darn play. I think I'll head off to Brighton for some sympathy. And besides, I need to get off the internet in case the BBC are trying to get through.